REMOTE WORK - Interview with Nitda Louangkhoth

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INTERVIEWER: Tram Nguyen INTERVIEWEE: Nitda Louankhoth with Conform The People & Remote Marketing Executive
CURRENT LOCATION: Bangkok, Thailand

With everything changing in the world, one of the focuses that Girl Social Gang would like to focus our attention on is: how we can help women who have been impacted by COVID-19? We sat down with a successful babepreneur/ traveler, Nitda Loungkhoth, and asked a few questions of her day-to-day life as part owner of CTP (Conform The People) and being able to work as she travels. With the advice that she has given below, there are some insightful and helpful tips for those that are seeking work and want to enjoy the day!

Q: How did you get started in the industry you are currently in?
A: I started working in the “sales & experiential marketing" industry since 2010. My sister introduced me to the industry and it was something I picked up whenever I was bored or needed extra income.

Q: How do you manage your work/life balance working remotely?
A: When you have the flexibility to work from anywhere, it can sometimes feel like you need to be available and ready to adapt to any changes. I’m not saying that all jobs will be the same but majority of mine has never been a typical 9-5. Sometimes my day doesn’t start until 2pm and some days I might work 4 hours and some 10 hours.

These are some tips that really help me:
  • Create a routine that is right for you.
  • Communication is super, super important.
  • So is a culture of mutual trust and respect.
  • Being transparent in how you run your business makes sure that everyone can be on the same page at the same time.
Q: When did you start working full time remote jobs?
A: At the start of 2015, I decided I need to make some changes in my life.I was working too hard and not being appreciated for it. I want to love my work without feeling guilty about not being with my family and unhappy because I don’t have time for doing other things I love. So I left my full-time position as a Buyer for a manufacturing company in Florida.I knew I had to find the right kind of company to work remotely for. And just like that, Anheuser Busch had a remote position opened and my WFH journey started there.

Q: Is your income steady with the jobs you take?
A: It is for me but I can’t speak for others. The grind never stops and that requires me to constantly book myself with multiple contracts. Depending on the contracts, it can be 3 months or 6 months. So I always have to prepare myself for another one if I’m not already taking on two different contacts at that time.

Q: How do you stay organized with little face to face time?
A: Going from working in an office to working remotely full time is not easy. Self-discipline becomes super important. You have learn a whole new set of skills that ‘normal’ office workers don’t always need to have. You have more responsibility, it feels much more like running your own little company (which I do with Conform The People, which is an online high fashion clothing company. With Conform The People, that is a full-time 24 hour job).

I have found that sticking to a routine helps, but it’s also great that the routine can be flexible; planning and scheduling, time management, communication tools, and productivity techniques has helped me.

Q: Were there any sacrifices you had to consider when you made the decision to work remotely?
A: Yes, time! Time away from my family. Although most jobs are remote, it does require me to travel to designated area for different programs/projects. I find myself being more flexible to my job. I also spend a lot of time online and always following groups in my industry for new opportunities.

Q: What type of lifestyle do you have working remotely?
A: I’m probably a combination of a nomadic and solo lifestyle. I am always on the go, constantly moves from one place to another and also incapable of not having anyone to be with. I learn a lot like how to be much more responsible and to entertain myself by traveling a lot, seeking new adventures while making time for my spiritual culture.

Q: What is your most favorite thing by working remotely and why?
A: It’s challenging and that’s what keeps my work life interesting. I don’t miss having to clock in and sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I like being able to work as needed as long as my goals/KPIs are met.

Q: How do you stay relevant in your job and keep moving up in companies?
A: As long as you keep on learning, you will keep moving forward. Don't just sit there, go and make things happen. The grind never stops and you have to keep hustling.
In my industry, most of the time there’s no moving up but just moving on to the next project. I’m not saying there’s not a company out there that offers opportunities to move up but I haven’t found one that I want to make that long term commitment with.

Q: How do you stay focused when you have noise around? (family, working in cafes, etc)
A: Working from home can be a lot more distracting than working from the office so I choose a spot where I'm able to work productively. In my case, I am currently not living with anyone so the noise is not the issue. It’s the lack of motivation from other co-workers (since I don’t see them). So I do like changing up my surroundings depending on what type of motivation I need. Some days, I prefer to work from my bed and some days I like to sit by the pool.

Q: What is your advice to others in this difficult time to let people know that they should not be scared to look for remote jobs and there are many non-technical work available?
A: There are definitely a lot of non-technical remote jobs out there.

My biggest advice is join remote work/ WFH groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, or any social media platforms.
First off, let’s start with Facebook! Believe it or not, I found a lot of my jobs through groups I followed on Facebook. Search for Work From Home groups in your state/area. Turn your notification on and make sure you make time to read new posts quickly! Here’s a group that I recommend you joining

LinkedIn is probably another one of the trustworthy site I use. When you do your job search, be sure to tweak your search words around. Finding a remote job can be tricky so be sure to change your location to remote as well. Don’t forget to set job alerts for searches that interest you.

Here are some WFH jobs that are non-technical

-Virtual assistant -Interpreter/translator -Marriage and family therapist -Travel agent -Teacher/tutor -Social media specialist -Licensed insurance representative -Writer/editor -Medical transcriptionist -Customer service representative -Short-term rental host -Registered nurse -Meeting, convention and event planner -Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerk

Avoid work-from-home scams!!! When considering a work-from-home job, put up your scam-detection radar. “First and foremost, trust your gut,” Do your research!!

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