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Hi Girls,

@whitneycares_gsg here. Just wanted to share a health tip I picked up.
I’m all about holistic remedies (not against western medicine). Steaming is extremely good for your respiratory system and the ingredients listed are great immune supporters. Not to mention leaves your face feeling brand new! Who doesn't want that?!

Literally use any type of orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit. Whatever you have on hand, in the back yard or can easily pick up at on your next store run. The herbs/plants can be used in it’s natural form or via essential oil, in its purest form. You can use other herbs that you already have in the pantry; bay leaves, thyme, sage, etc. Cinnamon can be powder or stick. I prefer the stick. Dried flower petals can also be fresh. Dried are easy to order online. This should be done at minimum, daily. It can be done hourly as well. I personally do it twice a day. In the morning before I meditate and do my sunrise yoga and at night before bed. Let me tell you, since steaming at night I have NEVER slept better. *That result will vary by person. My skin is healing and I just feel good after.

1. Slice the fruit(s)  (1 or 1/2 of each fruit)
2. Put them in a big pot
3. Add 2 sprigs of eucalyptus stems
4. Add 1Tbs of dried herbs OR 10 drops at a time of essential oil
5. Add 5-10 dried rose buds OR the petals of one rose
6. Fill the pot in step 2 with distilled water (if you have it, but not tap water) to cover the Ingredients.
7. Let lightly boil
8. Remove from stove and let the aroma fill your home or with with pot with blanket covering your head so now it's just and this beautiful bowl of goodness.

These are just guidelines, but please add how much ever you like. Just be careful with essential oils because they can get really strong for your comfort.
Try it and send us your mixtures!

Also, safe for kids...

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