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MeMe Thepratta - FOUNDER and CEO
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Hi all! I'm MeMe, currently residing in Orange County, CA. I was born in Thailand (I'm half Lao/Thai). Came to the US when I was 1 y/o and landed in America's Heartland - Nebraska. Grew up there and moved to Atlanta, GA after college. I consider myself a midwesterner and Southern Belle. I've been living in SoCal since 2015, moved here for a job and my nomadic soul kinda likes it. I'm happily married and we share 3 adult kids, 2 dogs and 3 bunnies together.

My 9-5 is a Senior Data Analytics/Report Developer for a healthcare company. I dabble into a lot of things but never consider myself a professional in anything other than being a Scorpio =). I did photography part-time for about 8 yrs before I completely called it quits in 2019. I've help friends and family designed logos, websites, write business plans, resumes, given non-legal advice and have always been the friend/family with an ear to lend. I can't cook, I can't do laundry correctly, and I don't like to clean. I overbuy and my compulsive behavior makes me buy things I love over and over (sometimes the same color). I love my plants, real life murder/serial killer stories, lattes, and going to explore places for pics only (I'm not adventurous). I'm pretty hard to keep up with us cause my personality allows me to move from one thing to another really quickly and my mind never sleeps, same with my mouth - us Scorpios don't talk much until we get comfortable then you can't shut us up. Oh, I'm also the founder and co-owner of a women's clothing brand Conform The People, I handle the operations, technical, and marketing side of it.

I've always played with the idea of starting a magazine/blog for women. I started a brunch group where
my friends and one of their friends came to meet up and network and speak about "women" topics. I figured, let's take this to another level. Let's take it online and build an empire to empower women and level them up to be the best their best self. So keep following us to see what we are up to!

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