Our Night Time SkinCare Routine

by - 9:30 AM

 Hey ladies! Let's talk about our nightly skincare routine and how it has changed so much as we get older. Remember those nights when we would go out and stay up until 2am or longer! Come home, pass out and forget to remove our make-up and our skin was still ok. Yes, we might have gotten one zit or so but it would go away pretty quick. Now as some of us are pass our 30's, it's not as simple. We now struggle to find a routine or a brand that works for our ever changing skin and hormones.

Well we wanted to share with you all what us gals at the Girl Social Gang use and how our routine is. We included a photo with minimum make-up so you can see how our skin semi is with out all that make-up we use to try to hide our flaws. We will also tag some of our products in these. Let us know if you have any questions on where we get a product, as I (MeMe, the author of this particular post) may not have capture it all.

You will see that we are trying to go more organic in our skincare routine as we age.

We tried linking the particular product but there are some we couldn't find online so we linked similar products. We would love to hear suggestions on new things we should try or what your routine is. Comment below or tag us in products or organic/home made products.

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